Welcome Prince George of Cambridge

There is something about the birth of a baby that makes everyone go – Awwww!!

There is something about the birth of a Prince that makes most everyone go wide eyed with wonder.

After the Royal Wedding, where we girls at home sat glued to the telly caught up in the mystery of romance and sighed at the first kiss on the balcony. We could not help but be totally glued to the telly to catch the first glimpse of the little Prince.

Even the sceptics have to agree that it is a moment to hold one’s attention.

Imagine – to be born a Prince!

St. Mary’s Paddington also has special meaning for me (no, I was not in the Lindo Wing but in the ITU) – that is where I was taken after the delivery of my little girl and it is where they saved my life. But, that’s another story…

We sat waiting for the first appearance and then – my little one decided to throw up at that very moment so I had to move away from the television to get her cleaned up. I did a super quick job.

Luckily it was just a little mess!

Luckily, William and Kate took their time!

And then the doors opened and the Little Prince emerged with his parents.

It looked very natural and thankfully Kate did not appear to look like a movie star. I’m not saying she looked bad. She looked good, she was glowing but she also looked like a mother who had given birth a day or two earlier. There was still a bit of her tummy showing and I loved the naturalness of it all. We all didn’t go from fat to flat in minutes like many celebrity moms.

Most of all, they looked so thrilled, so in love with their little boy like every new parent.

Yes, we were caught up in the moment. Who wasn’t? Who couldn’t be?

The little Prince knows nothing of being a Prince – just yet. All he knows is his parents and it would be nice to give them these precious few moments to share alone with family.

Welcome to the world Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.  A mouthful for so small a child but then a future King deserves a kingly name and I think this is kingly enough!

Our best wishes to the Prince and his family –

welcome royal baby


I had to add this – We were watching the ITV coverage and after they went in, they showed a replay of them coming out (this happened 4 times) and Ethan went ‘Wow! 4 babies!!’

4 Princes? Now that would be a ‘Wow’ moment!





4 thoughts on “Welcome Prince George of Cambridge

  1. What a lovely poetic wish for the new prince! I hope he gets to read it. We can go on all we like about him being just another baby, but the truth is, he is not. Flags unfurled and canons fired for his birth. What a role to be born into! I am looking forward to seeing him grow up.

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