Weebledown Farm, Mill and Barn Review

The children have been singing ‘Weeble wobble but we don’t fall down’ over the Christmas season and I have to admit that it is something that sticks in your brain.


They were very excited to get the Weebledown Farm Mill and Barn to review. Now, they may seem a little old for this but when added to a farm set (no one is too old for a farm set), it’s perfect.

The Farm comes with an exclusive Rusty the rooster Weeble which is quite adorable.


The mill actually spins and all you need do is push down the milk churn. There is a weather vane that turns and a lovely little slide too that ends in a roundabout.

There is a whole range of weebles that retail at £4.99 and these come with bases that can attach to the field to extend the set.


The product is great for motor skill development and can also be used to engage in conversation about farms – what is a mill, weather vane and a churn.

As mentioned it is a great addition to any other farm sets/tractors etc.

It is brightly coloured and attractive to keep a child engaged for a long time.


In fact my little one also brought to my attention that there are different shapes on the weather vane (more to talk about). Clever girl for spotting that.

This is her review – ‘It’s so cool, Mum’

The Weebledown Farm from Character is priced at £29.99 and given the quality of the product and the engagement it provides, I can quite see why it is priced on the slightly higher side.

There is a whole range of toys in the collection and you can check this out here. 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Weebledown Farm for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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