We are #PlasticineSofteez Twitter Party Hosts

It’s actually been some time now but we’re back again with another Twitter party.

This time it’s a very creative one and it’s one I think the children will really enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with Plasticine?

We’ve been sent a whole load (I mean a whole load) of the new range of Plasticine Softeez goodies for our guests and yes -the children of the house too.




We are going to be making cupcakes, snakes and underwater scenes – with Plasticine and there are lovely prizes.


There’s also going to be cake (a very special one- it’s going to look a bit different from this one) and delicious snacks and drinks.



And there are going to be some amazing goodie bags too.


We know it’s going to be a whole lot of fun so we would love it if you joined us. No, that doesn’t mean you’re all invited to my home. Yes, it does mean that you can join us.

Join us online on Twitter on the 5th of August from 2 – 4 pm. All you need do is follow @UKMumsTV


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