WB Mums – Our visit to Warner House London

On receiving an invitation to visit Warner Bros House in London, I knew I had to attend. With Jadyn and Ethan caught up in the excitement, we travelled to central London for a fun filled afternoon of trying out new games on the different consoles, playing with some of the toys, watching a movie in their private theatre and enjoying a lovely lunch.

wb6The first thing that caught the children’s eye was of course – the face painting. They have had their faces painted so many times now but still head over to get their faces painted as the first thing to do.


Ethan wanted to be Harry Potter from the Lego Movie, then wanted to be the lion from Lego Chima but settled for being Emmet from the Lego Movie.

Jadyn had a little Unikitty painted on her cheek.

We then went into the hall area where we had a lovely lunch of sandwiches, pastries, fruit and brownies. I am told the brownies were ‘scrumptious’.


The children then tried out the new games on the different consoles – Lego and others and I was quite surprised to know that the Lego apps and games are actually created by Warner Bros. The children love playing on the apps at home. There were also some toys from the Warner Bros brand.


We then went into the theatre to watch a 3D trailer of The Lego Movie (the children had yet another moan of how I have not taken them to see it) They loved the 3D glasses we were given to watch the trailer. They were rather nice – so much nicer than the ones in the cinema. They also wanted to know if we could keep them to take to the next 3D film to which I replied with a quick ‘no’.

We then watched a new episode of Tom and Jerry which was launched on Boomerang last week. Still as hilarious as ever, the children enjoyed this one as they usually do at home. I love the more vivid colour and am so glad that this oldie but goodie has been re-launched. Some things do remain timeless.


We were then treated to a full length movie of Scooby-Doo and both the kids enjoy watching Scooby Doo at home. However, Ethan was more interested in playing the games outside so we headed out and Jadyn watched the movie. She loved the theatre and was very impressed. She wants to know if she can have her next birthday celebration there!


While the children were occupied, I had a lovely chat with fellow bloggers whom I know online but have never really had an opportunity to talk to in person. In fact, I think we got quite comfortable there sitting on the floor the the lovely people at Warner Bros must have been wondering if we intended to stay the night.

We also walked away with a jam packed goody bag that contained something for everyone in the family.

A big thank you to Warner Bros for the wonderful afternoon.

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