Walking with Dinosaurs Stomping Feet: Review

Walking with Dinosaurs the movie is being released on 20th December and I am sure it will be spectacular.

I am also pretty sure that I shall be going to see it, seeing as Ethan is so interested in dinosaurs.

Till then however, we have been having a bit of a dinosaur experience in our home. There has been a dinosaur stomping about the house and we are alerted to him by the roars that he emits!


Boys, I have learnt, are quite different to girls in their play. While girls sit down quietly and draw or play with dolls, boys love anything that makes a noise  – the noisier the better!

These dinosaur stomping feet are quite a hit in our home with everyone giving it a try. They have a Velcro attachment at the back so that it fits on easily and can be easily attached to the shoe with the help of the strap. You can use them in bare feet but I think they are better attached to shoes.


When you stomp in them, they make roaring sounds that make it great fun. They are a good size and made from a rubberised material so they are not brittle and will not break easily. They are suitable for children aged 4 years and above and can be worn with shoe sizes up to UK 5.

4 AAA batteries are required that are not included.

Ethan can’t wait for the next dress up day in school so he can wear his dinosaur feet!

I think toys like this also interest children in finding out more about dinosaurs as Ethan wanted to know why the feet were rough to touch and why they had claws. He also likened it to birds so we were on the internet to find out more facts about dinosaurs and their similarity with birds’ feet!

If you have a little Dinosaur fan at home, I am sure this will be a welcome toy.

The product is from Vivid Toys and Games and is available at all major toy retailers.

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