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At our house we all love crisps so when we got an opportunity to try something new via Tots100Walkers Hoops and Crosses, I jumped at the chance. Hoops and crosses sounded really fun and besides we love the Walkers brand.

When the product arrived, we were actually on our way out, but the children (and I) were most excited with the box so we opened it up and were pleasantly surprised to find the Walkers Hoops and Crosses in a roast beef flavour and a plush monkey.

Well, needless to say both Monty Monkey and the Hoops and Crosses accompanied us on the drive to visit family. My children are always hungry the moment they get into the car and this time they didn’t even wait for me to strap myself in!  Monty has now become my little girl’s favourite plush.



The Hoops and crosses were crunchy and very tasty with a meaty flavour. They are shaped as the name suggests like hoops and crosses and will make for a great game of noughts and crosses provided we can keep them without eating them for that long!

What I like about them is that they are baked and contain only 85 calories, so now I can enjoy them without feeling too guilty. Made from wholegrain and having no artificial colours or preservatives it is also healthier.

I then received orders for them to be bought with the next shop so that they could go into lunch boxes, snack time and long car drives.

It has 30% less fat so I can feel better about giving them to the children (and myself). They come in two other flavours – Salt and Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail. All 3 flavours are suitable for vegetarians. I definitely hope that there will be more flavours added soon so I have an excuse to taste them all.

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