VTech KidiCom MAX Review

We have been fans of VTech for some time now. The children always had VTech toys while growing up and I was thrilled to introduce Aeryn to yet another from the range. We were sent the VTech KidiCom MAX to review and she hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived.

The KidiCom MAX is the Next Generation Handheld Device for children and has some great features.

  • 5 inch touch screen
  • 2.0 MP rotatable camera
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Safe browsing
  • Variety of games
  • Takes photos and videos with fun frames and effects
  • Parental Control
  • Bumper and shatter safe screen
  • Receive text and audio messages via Wi-Fi to and from parent approved iOS and Android Smartphones with KidiConnect

What we thought

Aeryn absolutely loves it and she calls it her phone. She has been taking it out and about with her and it has proved perfect for long journeys. Once the games are downloaded you don’t need Wi-Fi so it’s good for public transport too. And yes, you can use headphones with it.

Set up was easy although it did take quite some time but after that it was easy to follow the instructions. We already have a Learning Lodge account which you require to download the software and free games. There are 2 games that you can download for free and there are other games that you need to purchase.

The touch screen is pretty responsive which is great as I have had products where the touch screen is anything but!

The camera is okay – it is just a 2.0 MP but then it is aimed at children so I guess it’s fine. The photos are not too bad though and it just depends on how you focus it. Better for close ups I think.

We love the effects and Aeryn has a great time taking photos and making them look funny or framing them.

It is a good size and looks like a large phone. It does look quite sturdy and ours has already survived a few falls.

It also has a web browser so your child can safely search the internet.

I quite like the easy ‘back’ button and the screen display. It’s perfect for taking around because of the size.

It is available at all major retailers and is priced at about £79.99

The KidiCom MAX would make a perfect Christmas present and gets our Elves’ Choice Stamp of Approval.


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