Visualise from Utopia

I love a modern bathroom. Unfortunately I have not had an opportunity to redo mine.

There is of course no one to stop me from thinking and dreaming of my perfect bathroom. Visualise from Utopia offered me the chance not only to visualise the bathroom I would love to have but also to see it on screen.

It was fairly easy to design my dream bathroom. I chose the designs of the doors and bathtub and then add my chosen colours.





Here are the choices I made

Shaker Black Linear Doorstyle

Black Linear Carcass

Oatmeal Worktop

Aluminium Zumba Wall Tile

Silver Cloud Floor Tile



All you need to do is to choose colours and styles and see them come to life on screen. I would definitely use it to design my dream bathroom if I was thinking of redecorating.


Disclaimer: I was asked to try out the design tool and write about it. I received no compensation for this post.

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