Our view on the new episodes of the CBeebies show Kazoops

We have been watching Kazoops since it first showed on telly. In fact, we were thrilled to be invited to the preview. Now we have some exciting news for you as Kazoops has new episodes which began airing from yesterday.

If you’re new to Kazoops, here’s a little more about the show –

Monty Kazoop the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, is back with brand new animated adventures in Kazoops.

Monty Kazoop is a spirited boy of six, whose best friend is a pig called Jimmy Jones. In each episode Monty confronts a preconception about the grown-up world and sets out to challenge it, embarking on a wild imaginary adventure with Jimmy that offers them a fresh perspective.

 In each episode Monty and Jimmy use their imaginations to find ways to look differently at the world around them.  For after all, who says the world works the way grownups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine…

The first new episode which aired yesterday is called ‘Fun with clouds’.

Monty’s family are all frustrated by the grey clouds ruining their plans, and wish they’d go away, but Monty and Jimmy Jones set out to show them that the sky wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without clouds.

What we thought –

We loved the episode. It taught about how clouds are needed in the world in a fun way. It’s all part of looking at things differently that is part of the Kazoops series. Loved the song about clouds too. I’m sure any Kazoops fan would just love this.

In fact it is great for any young children. My two enjoyed it.

It’s also a short episode everytime. I find these great for mornings when the children are dressed and ready for school and want to watch something as a treat. Or just before bedtime when there are a few minutes.

We can’t wait to watch all the other new episodes.

Today there’s ‘Car Trip’ Episode #64

Monty is surprised that his Mum doesn’t find her job as interesting and exciting as he does, and begins to wonder if things become dull if they you do them every day.

And tomorrow Friday 20th Oct there’s ‘Cousin Flora’ Episode #65

Monty is puzzled when his cousin Flora doesn’t enjoy playing the same way that he does, but after an adventure under the sea, Monty realises that it takes all kinds of different people to make the world the wonderful place it is.

The series is aired on weekdays on CBeebies at 3.45 pm and if you’ve missed any episodes, you can also catch up on BBC iPlayer


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