We’re #VampirinaToys Twitter Party Hosts

Have you heard of Vampirina? It’s the show on Disney Jr. that is about a vampire family moving from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and trying to fit in among humans.

Did you read about the Vampirina screening I attended? Did you like the look of the toys? If you did, I have some great news for you. You can win some fantastic toys in the Vampirina Twitter party that is being held on 28th February from 1 – 3 pm.

Now obviously this means that we are hosts. We shall be holding an amazing Vampirina party at home while you have fun on Twitter.

To do this, we were sent some lovely toys to review and some lovely toys to host the party at home.

We were sent the Spooktastic Spookylele, Bat-tastic Talking Vee and Wolfie and Hauntley’s Mobile to review and to play with during the party.


And we were sent some Vampirina themed products for party games too. We’re going to be making some cool bat hairbands. Lots of glitter there so I’m sure the girls are going to have fun.


There a game of snap which looks great fun too.

And pass the parcel which has some lovely Vampirina toys inside.

Besides this, our lovely guests will go home with a goody bag that has a Rock n’ Ghoul Microphone which has colourful light up effects and music from the show. There’ll also be a maze and some colouring pencils to carry on the fun at home. And we’re going to look for some other ghoulish treats to put in. It’s like Halloween come early. What fun!

While we’re enjoying the party at home, remember you can also join in and win some amazing prizes. Follow @ukmumstv and me – @jacintaz3 on Twitter and be there on the 28th February from 1 – 3pm. The hashtag is #VampirinaToys

Don’t forget to check out the reviews for the Vampirina Toys – you’ll definitely like what you see. They are all so cool!

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