Vampirina Toys from Flair – Review

You may have read that we are Twitter party hosts? As mentioned we were sent some lovely toys to review from the Vampirina range from Flair and Aeryn is enjoying playing with them.

We were sent –

Vampirina Spookylele and Gloves


This is similar to the one Vampirina has in the series. The buttons activate lights and there are two modes – music and guitar. The music mode plays music from the series and the guitar makes some whammy sounds too that Aeryn just loves. It is brightly coloured and is a great size for little hands. It also includes some cool gloves. Perfect to rock and roll!


Vampirina Bat-tastic talking Vee and Wolfie –


This is Aeryn’s favourite. It is 30 cm and is purple (every little girl’s dream!) Her wings pop up and light up at the press of a button. Press her necklace to hear fun phrases from the series. Make her fly to hear fun sounds and see her getting the ‘batties’. She has a lovely web design dress. The doll comes with her pet Wolfie.


Hauntley’s Mobile –

This is a light and sound vehicle that has music and the accessories can help transform it into a movie theatre. It’s perfect for See to sit in and watch her favourite spooky film. The mobile comes with a posable Vee figure and a table and a small bag of popcorn. Aeryn is enjoying playing with this one. She can’t eat to see which figure will be hers from the ‘Pass the parcel’ game.

We’ve also had some toys as part of the party fun and I know the children are going to enjoy unwrapping the parcel to receive different figures from the series.

The toys are great quality as one expects from Flair. Aeryn can’t wait to host her party.

If you like the look of these toys then do be sure to head over to the post about our #VampirinaToys Twitter Party.




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