Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Man in your Life

It seems like just the other day that we brought in the New Year. And it’s already the end of January. It also means that we start all the celebrations for the year – the first one being Valentine’s Day.

I remember some time ago when I was younger (a whole lot younger), when Valentine’s Day was a day we prepared for – a present, a meal, a card. All to do with romance.

Now, even when we do celebrate Valentine’s Day, our presents are more practical. It’s always hard to pick a present for the man in your life. There seems to be a lack of choice and everything seems so expensive.

I’ve been scouring the internet for presents and thought I may help you by listing some suggestions that I thought would make the perfect present –

A personalised book about HIM. Men and their egos, we say. Well, nothing would please him more than a book about…himself. The Book of Everyone, is a book that can be personalised with beautiful artwork, illustrations and messages. It’s so easy and quick to make and it’s guaranteed to make him smile.

Experience Days – These make the most wonderful gifts. They are personal as in you know that they are chosen precisely for the people you are presenting it to and they will definitely be well received. If you have a car lover, you can purchase a driving experience either in a classic or in a high speed racing car. And if they think the sky’s the limit, how about a helicopter ride? You’ll be high on their list for sure. If you’re looking to make a not-so-subtle hint about the romantic day, you could also purchase couple experiences -a spa day or a weekend getaway.

Sporty gifts go down well with the boys – a football t-shirt perhaps? Or maybe a new tennis racquet? Or is he into golf? Well, then how about some golf shoes or accessories? That would absolutely make their day. No doubt they would spend more time on the golf course but that can sometimes be a good thing, can it not? If you would like to see more sporty gifts to get your man – click here 

Watches – Men love watches. It’s a bit like us and our shoes. I know that men cannot have enough watches. There are probably women who also love watches but so far in my experience, it’s a man thing. There are loads of watches to give as presents out there and many of them are not as expensive as you think. Watch Shop does some rather lovely watches for men and women. And since we are talking Valentine’s Day, how about a matching set?

Jewellery for men is also very in –  a pair of personalised cuff links? Or a ring –  you can’t get more open with your intentions. After all, it’s the day when women got to propose to the men. So what’s stopping you?

And if you really want to splurge, a new phone perhaps? Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like an expensive gadget.

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