Valentine’s Day with Gel-A-Peel

We enjoy working with Gel-A-Peel and for Valentine’s Day, we were sent some packs and a few blank cards to get creative and decorate a card for our Valentine.

Since it was half-term, this was a great way to spend one of the mornings and surprisingly, all of them wanted to try their hand at designing a card.

We love the Gel-A-Peel sets as they can be used to decorate so many things as well as create jewellery and bracelets.

The children set about designing their cards and they were thrilled to discover that one of the sets came with extra fuzzy bits and jelly to give some more scope to their designing abilities.

All you need to do is open the tube and fix on the required tip and then design or customise your product. The sets come with templates that you can use to make bracelets and jewellery too.

We received the accessory kits priced at £14.99 each.

Here’s what we ended up with –


They are rather pretty and can actually be used to design any cards. Can definitely see the potential for Mother’s Day.

Jadyn also made this lovely bracelet and it does look quite pretty when worn.

We love how the Gel-A-Peel gives the 3D effect and we also love the colours that they come in.

There are quite a few products in the range and they are perfect for getting creative with children. Gel-A-Peel is available at all major retailers.

To find out more visit –

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