Vac Man from Character Options Review

We’ve reviewed Stretch Armstrong before and this time we were sent his arch enemy Vac Man.

Vac Man is great fun. He’s is posable as opposed to Stretch and can also be stretched.

Vac Man is the ultimate power villain and Ethan loved it.

The best part was being able to ‘vacuum’ out the air from him and make him really hard and posable and very crumply. Then all you need to do is let out the air by pressing a valve and it’s stretchy once more.

Ethan thought he was really cool and enjoyed being able to pose him.

He is also a good size at 14″ so it can be added to other ‘goodies and baddies’ games.

The most fun is taking the air out of Vac Man and then letting it out.

He can be stretched to 4 times his size and he is pretty fierce with his green eyes and barred teeth.

Vac Man from Character is part of the Stretch Armstrong range and there is also Octopus from this range.

It’s super fun for the kids and we would definitely recommend adding him to your toys.

It’s priced at £29.99 and is available at all major retailers.

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