Use ‘The Force’ with the Lightning Energy Ball from Uncle Milton

Ethan, as you must know by now, is a HUGE Star Wars fan. He knows almost all there is to know about it.

What fun for him then, to get to review this Force Lightning Energy Ball from Uncle Milton.


The idea behind this toy and more in the range, is to educate through play.

When you switch on the energy ball and touch it, you can see the energy stream towards your fingers. It IS rather interesting to see the way the light energy moves with the movement of one’s hand.

How does it work  – was the next question?

So, we searched the web and found out that –

  • The plasma ball is filled with a mixture of noble gases with a high voltage electrode at it’s centre. Plasma filaments extend from the centre to the glass when electricity is supplied, creating those gorgeous beams of light. The colours depend on the gases used inside the ball but common gases include neon, argon, xenon and krypton.
  • The plasma ball was invented by Nikola Tesla, although the modern day toys and educational items were first designed by Bill Parker.
  • The strand of light that is drawn to your finger or contact is because the human body is conductive and it creates a path with less resistance than the surrounding glass and gases.

Here are some questions that you may ask when playing with the Energy ball –


You may also like to try out the experiment mentioned about the fluorescent bulb. You can read more about it here We haven’t tried this one out as yet.

The Force Lightning Energy Ball is priced at £24.99 and is a great educational toy for children while still providing that element of play. Ethan likes controlling it with ‘The Force’ which is as it should be. There are some other interesting toys in the range like the Star Wars Force Spinners, Death Star Electronics Lab and Spacecraft Flight Lab.

The toy is a great toy for fans of Star Wars especially with the release on the new film Rogue One. It is available from Flair PLC and major toy retailers.

Our elves especially like this one so it’s been given a special stamp –


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