Updating Kid’s Bedrooms On a Budget


When our children enter our lives, it can be quite easy to think that things will stay the same for quite a while. Decorating your child’s first room is a joy, and you may think that the cute decorations and child-friendly furnishings will last for quite a while, however unfortunately this mode of thinking belies one key reality; kids grow up, fast! Soon you’ll have an independently-minded child on your hands who will have grown out of their room and decor, but updating can be an issue, especially if you’re on a shoestring. Thankfully though, there’s plenty of ways you can give your child’s room a refresh, even on a budget.


Most parents will plan and decorate their children’s rooms on their own, but even if you’re doing it DIY-style, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself that you might otherwise buy in. Repainting a room is a very inexpensive way of completely overhauling a child’s room, and if you are able to get hold of second hand furniture that’s priced low due to small breakages and defects, a little wood glue, paint or sanding is all you need to turn it into a showroom-worthy piece!

Go Online

Whilst it might be tempting to get any new pieces of furniture or bedding from a local store, if you really want to save those pennies, head online for all of your big purchases. Online retailers such as Bedstar offer singles, ottomans and small double beds for near clearance-level prices, making this the smart option if you urgently need to upsize your child’s bed.

Material Magic

Often you can make a room look entirely different simply by changing the materials that are used throughout. Getting hold of some new bedding is an obvious one, but you could also get rugs, throws or even make your own curtains so as to really change up the feel of the bedroom. Involve your child in the process; make a shortlist of suitable choices yourself, then ask the child which they’d prefer most. Kids love being involved in the design process, and it will teach them about styles, colour matching and design.


Adding new posters, paintings or even wall hangings can really liven up a room and give your child the opportunity to stamp their individual style onto their room, as well as being inexpensive. Hop online to AllPosters.co.uk; with millions of posters available, and continuous money-off and sale deals being run, there will surely be some examples that will really spice up the area.

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