Unusual places to visit – deepest holes in the world

The world is full of unusual things and phenomena. From unusual weathers, animals, plants and geographic features, you will never fall short of strange things on this planet. One of them is some of the unexplained deep holes seen in several places around the world. Some of these holes resulted from activities by men, while others occur naturally and are still a mystery up to date. If you love nature and geography, then you would find it interesting to consider expedited passport renewal and travel to the locations of these holesand see some of them.

aerial view of the great blue hole of the coast of Belize

Monticello Dam in California

Monticello Dam is found in Napa Countyand its construction began in 1953 and ended in 1957. It is the dam that holds the water used by San Francisco’s North Bay Area. The deepest hole in this dam is the Morning Glory Spillway, which has also been nicknamed as the Morning Glory Hole and it has the capacity to take in up to 47,000 cubic feet of water every second. When the dam is full to capacity, the spillway directs the water into a giant concrete pipe. Due to the depth of the dam and the massive force of its waters, swimming is not allowed in the dam and this was prohibited in 1997 when a woman drowned after being pulled by the waters towards the spillway. If you live in the United States, then you wouldn’t need expedited passport renewalif you wanted to see this deep hole. Just find your way to California and to Napa County and you will find it.


Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan

The Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan is also known as the Door to Hell and it is one of the incredible natural holes you will ever set your eyes upon. The hole is constantly on fire and it has been burning for more than four decades now ever since the fire started as an accident when a Soviet scientist ignited the gases by mistake while drilling. The hole as a diameter of about 225 feet and is 99 feet deep. You can see it glowing from miles away and if you happen to visit, be sure to not get closer as it will without any doubts or hesitations send you straight to hell.

A Sinkhole in Guatemala City

In 2010 in the city of Guatemala, the ground opened up to swallow a three-story factoring, forming one of the deepest holes in the world today. The hold is about 300 feet deep and it has a span of close to 65 feet. When the hole formed, most geologists believed that it was a result of flood waters which were due to storm Agatha, but the soil beneath may have already been weakened for several years before they finally gave in.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole is one of the major tourist attractions in Belize. The natural hole is very beautiful and a wonder to marvel at when you are in the sky. The feature is basically a large underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize and is believed to be about 410 feet deep with a rim diameter of 984 feet. The hole is very popular with pro scuba divers who love to venture deep so as to marvel at the crystal clear waters as well as the plethora of sea life that calls it home.

The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa, a diamond mine dug entirely by hand. Operations at the mine ceased in 1914.


Diavik Mine in Canada

Manmade activities such as mining are also responsible for creating some of the largest holes in the world, and Diavik Mine in Canada is one such example. The mine is the largest diamond mine in Canada in terms of carat production and it is believed to be more than 600 feet deep. At such depths, it joins the list of the deepest holes in the world. The mind is found in the Northwestern Territories in the remote island of Lac de Gras. It is in this mine that a 187.7 carat rough of diamond was produced in 2015 and this was one of the largest diamonds ever to be found in Canada and the entire world. Open pit mining in the region was stopped in 2012 and all mining is now done underground.

Kimberley Diamond

The Kimberley Diamond Mine in South Africa also makes it to the list of the deepest holes in the world. The hold stretches more than eight football fields and this gives it the reputation of being the largest hole dug by hand in the entire world. The depth of the hole is estimated to be about 787 feet and it took the effort of almost 50,000 miners to work it out. The Big Hole, as sometimes the mine referred to, was opened in 1871 and was in use up to 1914 when it was finally closed. It is now a tourist attraction site.

Mirny Diamond Mine in Russia

This is the very first diamond mine in Russia and also the largest one to ever be made. The mine is located in Eastern Siberia and is estimated to be about 1722 feet deep with a diameter of 3900. Being the second largest excavated land on earth, and the second deepest hole in the world, the mine was nicknamed, “Navel of the Earth.” Flying is prohibited overhead this mine as it has been reported that helicopters have been pulled towards the hole while flying above it. During its peak operation, up to 10 million carats of diamonds were produced annually from the mine.

Bingham Kennecott Copper Mine

Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah

The Bingham Canyon Mine is in Oquirrh Mountains of Utah and it is one of the largest and deepest mines in the worldthat are still in operation. The mine has a diameter of about 2.5 miles and a depth of 0.75 miles, making it not just the deeps hole in the world, but also the largest man-made excavation as well as the world’s largest copper mine to still be in operation. In the year 2013, the mine was in the headlines for the wrong reasons when more than 150 million tons of debris fell back into the mine and this led to the largest human-instigated landslide in history.


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