Ugglys Pet Shop Pet Store Review

We’ve recently reviewed the Ugglys Pet Shop Van and now we were sent the Uggly’s Pet Store from Character to review.

Now, the children love the Ugglys and those gross sounds that we grown ups find offensive – they just love them. It drives them into fits of giggles.

Ugglys Pet Shop Pet Store

The Pet Store was a little smaller than we actually thought it would be but it went down a hit with the kids.

It consists of a store and a home/kennel and one Ugglys figure – Manic Monkey which Ethan thinks is really funny.



You can place the two shop windows side by side one on top of the other. It does come with a roof so it looks better one beside the other. Press down on the roof to hear gross sounds. 20150819_222636_resized


Now on it’s own, this pet store can be quite ordinary. But what makes it so much fun is that you can get more windows to add to the store and build an ultimate tower. Now, we’re talking. Imagine a tower of Ugglys? What fun for the children!


As mentioned, I did think it was larger but this is because of the packaging. However, if you look closely at the fine print on the package (which I didn’t initially), it does mention that there is only one home included.

The set is priced at £12.99 and is great for Uggly’s fans especially if you are adding to a collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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