Twozies – The ‘Two-cute’ Collectibles : Review

There are loads of collectibles in the market right now – all aimed at children. But these have been the most adorable so far – Twozies!

Have you heard of them?


They are these little babies that have a corresponding pet with it.

We were sent 5 blind bags and 2 playsets and they are really cute.


The blind bags come with a little baby and a pet. The babies are dressed in little nappies that have animal prints on them and animal head gear. The pet is not usually the matching pet but it is cute too. Seriously, these little collectibles are the cutest I’ve ever seen. #CUTE!

We were also sent two playsets and these come with display boxes that can be joined to create a wall display. They can be attached to the wall.


Twozies Fun Two-gether player – Two Cool Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream cart set is Two Cute! It comes with a cart and twin Twozies and their pets. Double the fun! There are some tiny ice creams and sweets that can be stored in the surprise place in the cart. There are seats too for the Twozies to sit either with their pets or alone.


We were also sent the Twozies Fun Two-gether Two Sweet Row Boat

This contains twin Twozies and their pets and they are duck themed. There is also a little rowing boat that has great attention to detail. There are oars and umbrellas to keep the sun away. There are also little treats/cakes that the twozies can share while out sailing. 🙂

The Twozies are also available in surprise bags which contain a Twozie and pet and a shadowbox.

The surprise packs are priced at £2.49 while the playsets are priced at £14.99

Twozies are part of the range from Character Toys and are available at all major retailers.

I was sent these products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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