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 As a Mum and a teacher, I always try to encourage the children to do a bit of study during the long summer holidays.
I would previously purchase a few workbooks to get my daughter ready for the next class as children tend to forget so easily and I like her to keep up with her work.
This year, I didn’t have to worry about books – I got membership of Twinkl Resources.
Twinkl Resources is a wonderful website where there are resources for parents and teachers to use. It really is all encompassing and has a massive amount of work sheets, lesson plans and everything you may need for your class if you are a teacher or your child if you are a parent.

Baby Birdy
This year, my son begins full time school. So, to get him a little prepared I thought of getting him into the habit of sitting down and doing a bit of writing. Nothing stressful – just to hold the pencil and well , just sit in one place for a little while.
Using Twinkl Resources is really easy. All you need to do is check for what you want – for example ‘times tables’ and you can then just download the worksheet you want, print it off and then get the children to work on it. It is literally that easy.
The great thing is that most of these resources are free and that is pretty handy.
However, I would suggest that parents and teachers look at taking out the paid subscription or the Premium subscription as this gives you access to so many more wonderful resources at only £29.99 a year which I think is really inexpensive.

The Parents section is a big help. It gives you information on many frequently asked questions that you may have as a parent of a child attending school. There are educational guides giving information about calculation methods from Year 1 – Year 6, help to teach your child how to read with phonics, government expectations (so you know which level your child is at – I get quite confused with this sometimes).
There is a Forum section which gives a lot of ideas to make learning interesting for children. You can ask a question on a topic and then you get tried and tested answers which you know have worked.

We had visited Sea Life London during the holidays so it was great to come home and use the Under the Sea resources to check out the different types of fish on Powerpoint and also to play the boardgame and the wordsearch. The children enjoyed doing these worksheets as much as they loved visiting Sea Life and ask to play the game very often.
I could go on and on about Twinkl and the wonderful resources but I would rather you try it out and see for yourself how resourceful the site is. It is also an excellent website for home schooling.
There is also a Free Trial on for schools at the moment so if you are connected to a school and you are reading this, I suggest you make the most of it.
I know I am going to be using this site even more now that the children are going back to school as it is so easy to use and the worksheets are all relevant to the curriculum.

Disclaimer: I was given a one year premium membership to try out the website and write a review.


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