Turtles Pop-up Pizza Playset Anchovy Alley: Review

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Anchovy Alley Pop Up Pizza Playset is quite a novel idea. It is a pizza box the transforms into a playset for the Ninja Turtle action figures.

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Once opened there is a trap door, sewer cover and a breakaway door – all that add to the excitement of having the Ninja Turtle figure swing on the pipe and land on the sewer cover that makes him fly.

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This is a great playset for imaginative play and Ethan has been enjoying playing with it. He adds other figures to it and plays baddies and goodies. I think that imaginative play is just as important as learning through play and this set really provides and apt setting for imaginative play.

It is extremely easy to set it up. It literally folds down into the box and then expands when opens in a matter of seconds. It comes with stickers that you need to put in the appropriate place and Ethan had great fun doing this.

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The colour would appeal to any Teenage Mutant fan as it is all dark and like a real alleyway.  I love the striped awning outside the pizza place.

There is also a pizza oven that can be attached to certain places in the set that shoots out pizzas and this is very thrilling for Ethan.

Together with the Pizza Playset, we also received a Teenage Mutant figure – Don. And he is no ordinary figure as he shoots out Mutagen Ooze with the help of the Ooze-Zooka. There is also a flinger that can shoot out little bits of ooze. Add some ooze to the cylinder and then push the plunger to release the ooze.


The figure is about 5 inches high and is perfect for playing with in the playset as it fits perfectly through the trap doors. Ethan is after getting the other figures so he can make them fight as a team.

You need to be careful that the ooze does not get stuck to carpets or clothing. We were provided with some extra Mutagen Ooze which contained a little ninja turtle inside.

tmnt 3

The playset with the action figure is a welcome addition to our household as Ethan loves playing with action figures and he has quite a few of them. However, this was his first from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles range and he is enjoying making the turtle jump around the playset and fight baddies.

I particularly like the concept of it folding up as it is so handy when you have 3 children with a house full of toys.

It is aimed at children 4 and above as it does have small parts.

The Playset is priced at £24.99 and the figure at £9.99

I am sure that this will go down well with any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan.



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