Turtlemeter – The Clever Bath Thermometer: Review

I know we were taught that the best way to test bath water is to dip your elbow into it. I stopped doing that as the children got older and relied on instinct or them telling me whether it was hot or cold.

I would still be a little uneasy about this as sometimes when I swirled my hand in the water and thought it was fine, it was quite often a bit too hot for the children.

How happy was I then to receive the Turtlemeter! from Ozeri.


What is the Turtlemeter? Quite simply it is a device, a very clever device I might add, to test the temperature of bath water. And having it makes you rest easy that the bath water is at the right temperature for the children.

How does it work? Again  – really simple. You place it in the water and it records and displays the temperature. So if the LCD shows –

Less than 95˚ = Blue = Too cold


95˚F – 102.2˚ F = Green = Just right


Greater than 102.2˚F = Red = Too hot


I think this is a really clever device that allows one to know the temperature of the bath water and since it is not harmful to have in the bath, it is great for the children to play with too. It also ensures that you get out of the bath before or as soon as the LCD shines blue as you know that the water is getting cold.

It is well made and really sweet to look at so it is appealing to children. The green colour makes it stand out.

I have also been getting the children to tell me if the water is hot or cold or just right as the colours make it possible for them to decipher.

The great thing about it is that it only activates when it is put into water. At other times it does not work. This is a great saving for batteries. It also helps to dry it off completely after a bath to ensure longer battery life.

It has a nice solid feel to it and I am very glad to have it at home. I think every house with children should have one of these. I wonder what I ever did without it!

Disclaimer: I received the product for an honest review. All ideas and opinion are my own.


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