Trutex Uniform Review

School uniforms are always a big expense especially when you have 3 children who always seem to outgrown their clothes ever so fast. When buying school uniforms I always try and buy Trutex. Read on to find out why.

I tried uniforms from Trutex some time ago and ever since I reviewed them, I purchase nothing else. I’m really not trying to sell you something here but actually swear by the brand.

Trutex uniforms are durable, comfortable and there is a good range to choose from.

This time I was asked to choose some uniforms to review. I chose shirts for Ethan and Aeryn, trousers for Ethan, 2 polo type t-shirts – one in his school house colour, track suit bottoms for him and for Aeryn and a nice sports shirt for Jadyn in her house colour and 2 pairs of trousers for Ethan.

Trutex uniforms

The shirts are very comfortable and I’ve used them before so I know that they wash very well too. Aeryn fits into a size for her age but Ethan is quite a big boy and I need to go up a size for him. Luckily, Trutex does a ‘sturdy fit’ size for trousers so these fit him rather well.


The shirts come in a two pack set. The cut and design is slightly different for boys and girls so Aeryn’s one has a bit of shape to it and she likes that it’s not straight like a boy’s shirt.


The polo shirts are made of soft material and they wash well  as we have put them to the test. There was no fading of colour or the colours running into each other.

The tracksuit bottoms I ordered for Ethan are the ones that are lined and they fit well too.

And Jadyn’s t-shirt looks very sporty – in fact she wears it out quite a bit too as it is quite trendy.

All of the above worked up to less than £100 and I would say that this is excellent value for money especially knowing how durable the uniforms are.

‘To purchase Trutex uniform visit your local uniform shop or buy online at

‘To find your local stockist or learn more about Trutex visit

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