Trunki – The fun, appealing luggage for children

We are not going to be taking a holiday very soon but I am hoping that next year we can take the children for a vacation. And when we do – I am prepared.

The children are old enough to look after their own luggage, I think and with luggage like this, they are more than happy to pack their own bags and carry them.


Moshi Monsters are well loved in our home so this Katsuma Trunki is a big favourite.

Trunki is a name that really needs no introduction where luggage for children is concerned.  The children were thrilled to receive a Trunki to review and being a Katsuma one – were even more excited.

The Trunki is made of durable plastic and has an 18 litre capacity which is quite a good size for a short trip. It is excellent for carrying clothes and toys and books that the child may want to access while travelling.


It is designed for hand luggage/cabin baggage purposes and should be allowed on most airlines. However, some airlines may have their own policies so it would be good to check before travelling.

Personally, I think the Trunki is a great piece of luggage for the children. As you may have seen advertised, it can also be used for toddlers to sit on should they get tired on the journey.


There is a good locking mechanism too and there are elastic straps inside to keep the clothes and toys from getting flung about.

We love the colour and the Moshi design on it – Katsuma is so cheeky!

What we loved about it –

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Can be used as a pull along with the provided strap
  • Choice of many fun designs
  • Enough space for children to carry essential clothing, toys and books
  • Can be used to sit on and ride on when toddlers get tired
  • The horns make it easy to steer
  • Suitable for use as cabin baggage

It retails for £39.99 and is well worth the money for a child’s travel case.

If you are going on holiday soon, it would be really nice to get one of these. In fact there is a giveaway running on my blog here, where you could win a Katsuma or Poppet Trunki.

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