Trolls Hug Time Bracelet and Poppy Wig Review

We had recently reviewed the Trolls styling head and Aeryn loved it.

This time around, we were sent the Trolls wig and a lovely little bracelet so that Aeryn could be her very own little Poppy.


Dare I say she looks adorable?



The wig is easy to put on and is suitable for the target age. It also stays up much like Poppy’s does and doesn’t flop down which is great. It is similar in colour to Poppy’s hair colour in the film.


It’s Hug Time. You don’t really need a bracelet to remind you of hug time but when you have one, it’s all the better. This adorable little Trolls bracelet has lights and sounds with the phrase – It’s Hug time! when you press the button.


Shaped like a flower, it can be easily put on with the help of velcro straps and is quite large and colourful.

Both are ideal for playing Trolls dress up and are targeted to children aged 4+

The Trolls Poppy wig is priced at £12.99 and the bracelet is priced at £9.99

They are ideal for Trolls fans and would make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

Both are available at Argos together with other toys and dress up products in the range.

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