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With Easter just around the corner, has helpfully pulled together some last-minute travel inspiration.

The travel website has put together some quirky world-wide Easter traditions as well as a fun online Easter breaks ideas generator to help you find your perfect destination quickly and easily!

Five Quirky Traditions or Destinations for Easter

1.       Easter Bilby Visits in Australia

For the majority of the world (that celebrates Easter), it’s the Easter Bunny that brings children chocolates and hides the eggs, however down-under in Australia, it’s an Easter Bilby that brings the treats. Some years back, several Australian environmental bodies as well as the government were wise enough to create awareness around the plight of the bilby (an endangered marsupial species in Australia), by switching it with the traditional Easter bunny. During Easter in Australia, many kids around the country enjoy eating chocolate bilbies instead!

2.       Feast on Iguanas in Colombia

Colombians have rather different tastes when it comes to delicacies enjoyed at Easter. Instead of chocolates and eggs, many Columbians prefer to dine on iguana, turtles and big rodents for their traditional Easter feast!

3.       Egg Rolling in Washington

This Easter time activity in the US is practically an American institution. The presidential ritual of egg rolling on the lawns of the White House goes all the way back to the 1800s. Popular legend has it that this tradition emerged when the bean counters from Congress passed a law forbidding the Capitol grounds to be used as a children’s playground. In reaction to the news, President Hayes made an official order that should any child turn up to egg roll on the lawn of the White House they would have permission to do so. Nowadays the tradition is so popular people need to enter a special lottery to even have the chance of getting an invite.

4.       Read a Thriller in Norway

This truly unique Easter tradition comes to us from Norway. For some Norwegians, Easter provides the perfect excuse to delve into a crime novel. The idea of Påskekrimmen, or ‘Easter thriller’ as it translates in English, involves a five-day holiday where people switch off their phones, put away their laptops and work their way through the spookiest, scariest crime thrillers they can find. Many Norwegians love to take part in this annual Easter-Thriller season, disappearing off to their holiday cabins to unwind and engross themselves in a scary murder mystery!

5.       Happy Bunnies in Japan

Situated in the Inland Sea of Japan is a small island called Okunoshima. Here hundreds of wild rabbits roam the island’s forests, feast on nibbles from tourists and just generally live the high life!

I quite like the idea of reading a thriller and that’s just what I’m going to do while away in Cornwall. Also love the egg rolling idea although since I’m not good at lotteries, I’m sure I wouldn’t get a look in. Definitely not upto trying the Columbian tradition.’s Easter Breaks Generator


If you are unsure of where to go, you may wish to try the Expedia Easter ideas generator –

It works by finding out

  1.  How many days you are travelling for?
  2. Who would you take with you? (Family, friends or go alone)
  3. What are you looking for? (scenic places, beach, food, mountains)

I tried it out and I got the following places Amsterdam, Barcelona and Rome (one of my favourite places in the world)

Even if you are not planning on an Easter break, it may be a good idea to try out the travel inspiration and plan your next trip.

I know where I’m going next!


Here’s a video that may inspire to travel yourself interesting –

 Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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