Transforming Transformers: Action Figure Review

Ethan is Transformer mad. He spends hours playing with his Transformer action figures and is quite often transforming himself into one. 🙂

When we were sent a range ofTransformer toys to review, he was quite literally jumping for joy.



Who wouldn’t be thrilled with toys like these?20140721_112744




He can sit and watch Transformers again and again on telly and then play with the figures making up a story. I find that this particular range encourages motor skills as one has to be able to transform the figures and also encourages imaginative play as it takes children into the world of make believe.

How did we get on with the toys? Well, naturally like a house on fire. We loved them – and when I say we I mean that I really did too.

We had –

Flip and Change Grimlock


This Transformer is from the new Transformers Age of Extinction film and is a big rage at the moment. It transforms from a dinosaur into a robot  – two things that are really interesting to any boy.

What’s the best part is how you transform it. You need to spin it to transform it and this is the fun bit for a child. Ethan loves to do this. The toy resembles Grimlock from the film and thus this is quite a popular toy in our home.

It is quite an awesome looking figure and is quite a good size too. I can see any child being pleased with one of these.

Autobot Drift


This particular model is really easy to transform as it is just a three step change which is great for younger children who are great transformer fans and find it difficult to transform the figures. In fact, it is more of a one step change and is really easy to do. The car does look rather nice too.

We also received another model of Drift and this is like the older versions where you need to recreate the transformer by twisting the parts around.


The car here does look great and Drift comes with weapons too. Perfect for fighting.

The Transformers figures are of an excellent quality as one associates with Hasbro. Ethan loves playing with them and in fact he has quite a collection as we have bought him quite a few over the years. He never grows tired of playing with them and as they do require some skill to transform them, I am quite happy for him to play with them.

transformers (17-09-2014 18-47)

I think these toys are great for children as they support both imaginative play and motor skills.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have learnt so much about how differently boys play as compared to girls. Ethan loves to make his figures fight and can spend hours transforming them and creating different scenarios.

I think the Flip and Change Grimlock is definitely going to be on many Christmas lists this year.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above toys for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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