Transformers Prime Darkest Hour DVD Giveaway

This one is for all you Transformers fans. Did you know?

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The final volume of TRANSFORMERS Prime Season 2; Darkest Hour, storms on to DVD and digital download on 19th January 2015!

In this final volume, the Autobots and Decepticons, are locked in a stand-off at the Omega Lock. The Decepticons have the humans’ captive, and Optimus Prime, prepared to do anything to save their allies, hands the famed Omega Keys over to the enemy. When the Decepticons insert the keys into the Omega Lock a new ‘Age of Decepticons’ dawns… however, when the Autobots realize that the Omega Beam will terraform earth and destroy all native life, they have to take desperate action…

Add TRANSFORMERS Prime Darkest Hour on DVD to your collection this January!

One way to do this is to enter the giveaway below 🙂

Transformers Prime Darkest Hour

61 thoughts on “Transformers Prime Darkest Hour DVD Giveaway

  1. I’m not really up to speed with the transformers characters, but i’m sure my boys would enjoy watching this. Thanks for the giveaway x

  2. We are huge transformer fans in this house. I love the films and my kids have got all the toys……and my husband has to figure out how to put them together first! Lol
    Films are fantastic though.
    Fingers crossed xxx

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