Training for Race for Life

I am getting quite excited now. I love my Army tags. 🙂



As you may have read, I am taking part in Race for Life.

You can read all about why I’m doing so here.

Now, if you really know me well, you’ll know I don’t do walking. I’m more of a travel-by-car-girl. Or bus. Or anything on wheels. Not a bicycle though.

So, walking even 5K is big for me. But I am determined to do it.

I do the school run 3 times a day and in order to prepare for the big day I have been power walking when not with the kids. (I do some power walking with the kids too – when we are running late!!). When I first began, I came home huffing and puffing like I had run a marathon.

Now as the days go by, it’s getting easier. I am confident that 5K will not be an issue.

It also makes me feel more energetic throughout the day.

I am also looking at going to the gym and getting fit not only for this run but also for my own personal well being.

I was also sent a box that have lots of healthy snacks to munch on when I am peckish.



Jadyn is also training to go on the walk with me. She reminds me to go out with her for a brisk walk on the weekend. Yes, I tend to forget. 😉

My daughter keeps saying – we don’t want to come last. I tell her it’s all about taking part.

If you would like to take part you can visit the Race for Life page, find a venue near you and take part. If you are still among the first 20 readers, you can use the code RFLJAC to get a £2 discount.

And talking about taking part – my Just Giving page is looking rather sad right now.

I would be thrilled if you could make a donation, however small, and help me to reach my target. Every little counts. Remember, all the money donated goes to Cancer Research.

Please click here to make a donation –

And if you are anywhere near Richmond on the 7th June, do come and cheer me on.

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