Toy Post Office from Casdon – Review

Aeryn loves playing anything involving roll play and this Post Office playset from Casdon went down a real treat.

The playset needs to be set up and it has quite a lot to keep a child occupied and to pretend at playing in a Post Office Set up.


It contains –

  • Weighing scales
  • Playing stamps
  • Till drawer
  • Post cards and magazines
  • Greeting cards,
  • Play money
  • Tax discs/TV licence forms
  • Post box

The set when put together is quite a good size. It is ideal for use on a table and Aeryn enjoys playing with it.


I like that the money can be used to teach little ones about money and how to add/take away to give back change.


She has been quite busy helping people to fill in forms, weighing parcels and telling people how much they need to pay as well as looking for parcels for a missed delivery (no surprises here as I’m always missing deliveries).

The quality of the product is like all Casdon products, very good and there are no sharp edges for little ones to hurt themselves.

IMG_20160511_171907 IMG_20160511_171859






The till drawer opens and so does the post box. So, you can post something through it and open it to collect the letters.

It is priced at £12  and is available at all major retailers.

It is a great set for children and even better for nurserys and pre-schools.

Disclosure: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



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