Winter’s Approaching: How to get the most out of your garden.

The garden is our go-to place in summer. Flowers are in bloom and since the weather is warm and sunny it’s nice to be out and about. But come the winter, and we tend to let the garden go to waste. It’s cold and it’s wet and very often not very comfortable spending time outdoors.

I mean, no one really wants to sit out in the garden in a thick winter coat.

Nowadays, I have seen that there are several ways by which you can still enjoy the garden in the cold season. If you buy a house with a garden, it’s really no point using it only six months of the year.

Here are my  top tips for entertaining and making the most of your garden in winter.

  1. Lighting – This is really what MAKES the garden. There is such a wide choice of lighting available that you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Garden lights are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be solar powered or mains powered. You can have patio lights or bollard lights down the garden path. String lights on trees are also big this season. And then of course, we mustn’t forget the Christmas lights that adorn the garden.
  2. Fire pit – If you do decide to spend time in the garden, you will need to keep warm. Investing in a fire pit or Chimenea is a great idea. Fire pits are more social as people gather round and you can also toast marshmallows on it. How lovely to be able to do that. Chimeneas are perfect for warming chilly spots but are more suited to a corner area as a feature. They certainly add character to the garden.
  3. Invest in awning – A pergola or framed awning can add space to you home and can be used as and when required. It shields from light winds and rain too and they look lovely too. Besides, most of them can be rolled up so you can choose to have them out of the way if required.
  4. Garden tidy – If you want to entertain outdoors, you’ll still need to have your garden in ship-shape. Clear up the leaves and if required invest in a leaf blower. You may not need to mow the lawn but ensure you have a winter garden in bloom. You may also want to look at getting a bird feeder. It’s beautiful to see a robin or a finch in your garden.
  5. Get the food right – Warm soups and roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and toasted marshmallows. If you are looking to get something more substantial, you can always get some spicy, grilled food served up.
  6. Woollen blankets – Theses are perfect for this time of the year. I love the look of brightly coloured blankets thrown over furniture. Rattan furniture looks so cosy with blankets on it. And what could beat wrapping yourself in a blanket and sitting around a fire to enjoy the winter chill.

Do you like getting out in your garden during winter? What are your top tips for getting your garden winter ready?

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