Top Tips for Kids Using Tech

My children, like most others today, are hooked on their devices. If they could, they would be on them all day and a good part of the night too.

I do allow them access to their devices but with the dangers of online grooming and having access to unsuitable sites, I make sure there are a few rules in place at home.

First of all, all the devices have strong parental controls. I know exactly what the children are accessing on their tablets. They do go on You Tube but again I have age limits in force and I ensure that they do not see anything that is unsuitable for their age.

To do this, they are not allowed their tablets in their rooms. They need to be within sight of me so I know exactly what they are watching. They are quite young, at 12, 8 and 5, I feel to be given the freedom to surf the net at will.

Purchases cannot be made too unless they know the password – which they don’t.

They have full access to child friendly sites and You Tube Kids and things like Disney Life where I know content is tailored to their ages.

Netflix is something they like to go on too but again they are restricted to the children’s section.

I don’t do this because I always want to be in control (well, sort of when it concerns online content) but because of the scary stories that I read about children being groomed online. Children are not in a position to decide on these things and are easily influenced by their peers. It is up to the parents to ensure that they are not in a vulnerable position to predators just waiting to strike online.

Netvouchercodes conducted a recent survey on baby and toddler tablet usage and these are results –

Baby and Toddler Tablet Usage Survey 2017. An infographic by the voucher codes website


It’s amazing how at an early age, children are drawn to screens. Do you have any rules in your home on tablet usage? I’d love it if you shared them in the comments below.

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