Top Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe

With the end of summer, I am conscious of the darker evenings. I am also conscious that I have to be more careful about locking the home and taking extra care when we go out.

I’ve put together my top tips on keeping the home safe this autumn –

Secure your home before you go out

Make sure that your windows and doors are locked especially ones around the back which are not visible from the road. Ensure that there are no keys on any of the doors – the back door especially.

Install an alarm

You may want to install an alarm especially if you live in an area that is unsafe. You can check the area you live in to see what the crime levels are. Do remember that alarms normally have monthly payments so that you are connected to police etc.

Join the neighbourhood watch

It’s  good idea to join the neighbourhood watch or subscribe to your local met police  as they can send updates on any recent crimes or inform you of anything you need to be watchful for.

Keep your neighbours informed

If you can get your community involved, it’s always the best way. Let your neighbours know you are out and ask them to keep a watch for any suspicious while you’re away. Do the same of course, for them.

Get a Smart Home System

With everything going digital, its wise to get a Smart Home System. These systems monitor your home and you can also get live updates to exactly what is happening in your home with the help of the cameras and an App. There are no monthly fees so though they may seem a little more expensive at first, they fall cheaper in the long run. The Smart Home system also allows you to control your lights and appliances from the comfort of your sofa.

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