Top Tips On Getting Your Child To Read

My children read. A LOT. And I’m really thrilled that they do.

On our recent trip overseas, a family friend commented on how impressed she was to see all three children head deep in their books. Till she mentioned it, I didn’t realise how lucky I really am. In fact, I am very product that all 3 children read much above their age level.

I think that the children just grew into love for reading. Both my husband and I read a wide variety of books and we’re always reading.

I always had a love for books. I think it had to do with my parents being so encouraging when it concerned reading. We always had a host of books at home. We have the same now.

There are many children though who do not like reading especially with the current lure of devices and games. Here are my top tips on getting your children to read and LOVE it –

Set an example

If your children see you reading, they are more inclined to want to read. Remember children love modelling after their parents from an early age and if they see you with a book, they are most likely to pick one up too.

Read to them

Reading does not have to be down to bedtime. You can read any time of the day. Pick up any book suitable to their age and read to them. You can also go one or two levels higher than what their age is.

Make trips to the bookstore

I LOVE browsing in a bookstore. I kind of love the smell of new books. And I love walking out with a book for everyone. Children love doing so too. Take them to a bookstore when they want to spend their pocket money and top it up if need be. They’ll love reading something they’ve chosen and bought with their own money.

Visit the library

The library is a great place to start them on their reading journey. A lot of libraries run competitions and reading challenges that encourage children to read. Plus, it’s also a good way to teach them library etiquette for when they are older.

Take an interest in what they are reading

Ask them about the book – did they like it or not and why? Ask them what books they would like to read and make a note of it for birthday/Christmas/reward presents. As they get older, you can also read the books they read. I read the Harry Potter series only after I bought it for my daughter.

Always follow up on books from school and ensure that they are read. It can be a little everyday.

Teach them to treat books kindly

To have respect for property is something that one needs to learn. My first learning came from treating your books kindly. I DETEST seeing dog-ears in books or seeing covers and pages folded. There is nothing more annoying than going to a library and seeing books destroyed with children’s drawings or torn pages. There’s perfectly good A4 sized paper for that. No one likes to read a book that’s in a mess. Once children learn to love books, they’ll love to read them.

Get them interested in authors

Some authors/writers remain eternal so get your children interested in places or museums dedicated to them. In the UK, we are privileged to have access to many of these places like Shakespeare’s Country or the Road Dahl Museum. Take them to visit for a fun filled day out where they can also learn about these great writers.

Never say ‘No’ to a book

It’s not difficult to get access to books. I never say ‘No’ to books. Some I buy myself to add to the home library and others I get from the library. Some books are cheaper in online bookstores and there are always good deals around. Make books a priority.

Do you have a reluctant reader? Or do you have any top tips to add?


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