Top tips from our #TimeToWake Twitter Party with Philips

I hosted the #TimeToWake Twitter party on the 2nd of November with Lilinha from Lilinha Angel and Sabina from Mummy Matters and if you joined us you know that it was a very successful one. We had a huge reach and we swapped ideas and tips on helping children with their sleep patterns.

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We also had prizes to giveaway and it was a difficult choice choosing the winners. The Disney Sleep Time Mickey Lights went to Sophie from @cupcayke_lufc and Elizabeth from @rootsandwings. And Leanne from @evies_B won a light as well as a 1 hour sleep consultation with Chireal Shallow. Well done all!

What was really important is how sharing of ideas helped as Mums swapped tried and tested methods of calming children before bed. One very pertinent point was switching off screen time at least an hour before bed. I was really pleased to see that reading before bedtime also featured highly on everyone’s list. I love reading with the children and cuddling up before bedtime.

We were joined by Chireal Shallow, Child Psychologist who has shared some great tips for getting children to settle into a bedtime routine – 

Top 5 tips for encouraging children to go to sleep on time/wake up on time

  • Give children advance warning that bedtime is soon or if they will be waking up shortly
  • Link events to experiences. For example, ‘when I read this book you lie down, when SleepTime Mickey’s moon is showing, it’s time for bed’
  • Have a good routine, so that means no digital devices an hour before bed
  • For children who find it hard to understand time, use SleepTime Mickey to help them sleep at night and stay in bed if they wake early
  • Allow children to spend more time in their room to get used to SleepTime Mickey and to feel comfortable being on their own. Their room is a place of safety and positive feeling; it should not just be used for sleep.


Top 4 ways to improve a child’s sleep time routine

  • Sign post bedtime with cues e.g. engage them the SleepTime Mickey
  • Place a surprise under their pillow at night to create curiosity and compliance so they look forward to going to bed
  • Ensure your child’s sleeping space is comfortable, use natural fibre mattresses and covers to help regulate their temperature
  • Use red or blue night-lights, alongside the SleepTime Mickey, to help promote a safe sleep

I also found this really insightful as to why children don’t understand the concept of time –

  • Children live in the now, unlike adults who are constantly thinking two steps ahead. Adults benefit from their experience of time, as it is at the core of their routines. There are many factors in life that ensure time is at the forefront of adult’s minds. As a result, it’s easy to see that for children time is not so critical
  • Children are emotion orientated, and ruled by how they feel in the moment, at any given time…try taking a kid away from an activity they are enjoying, for example, and you see the consequences
  • The way children learn is through their senses and through experiences, so time is a very hard concept for them to grasp
  • Children’s concept of time is based on the stage of their brain development. The more immature their brain, the less likely they are able to understand time

If you joined us at the Twitter Party, I do hope you had a lovely time and gained some useful insights into children’s sleep patterns. Thanks so much for joining us.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Philips. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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