My Top Tips on Coping with Chicken Pox

I remember our stint with chicken pox. Though it seems like a long time ago, it was in fact just two years back.

Aeryn came home from school one day and we found a little spot on her tummy. Then a few more appeared. Luckily she had a mild version with just about 15 -20 little blisters or pops in total. She was fine, running around and playing as normal. So we completed our half term plans but didn’t overdo it.

Whomever I told that she had chicken pox, I was told the other two will get it and it’s better the other two get it. Yeah, thanks for the sympathy.

Well, the others didn’t. At least not while she had it. No, Sod’s Law demanded they get it but later so it would be more difficult for me.

Jadyn came home spotty from school and then the next morning I discovered it on Ethan.

And this was no mild version. It was a full blown attack.

They were covered – especially on their faces and torso. They were itchy and irritable and since they were both home together – they bickered all the time.

I had my hands full. Constant rub downs with gels, calamine and lavender oil.

I hate calamine after this with a vengeance after this. It’s great to put on and it does relieve the itching but take my advice – buy the gel. It’s may be dearer but it’s worth it. Calamine is so hard to get off.

Lavender oil is also great for scarring and helps with sleep.

My top tips to get through chicken pox –

  • Don’t fight it.If it is rampant in school it will visit your home too sooner or later.
  • Be prepared.
  • Buy cooling gels specifically for chicken pox. Lavender oil is good too. But for me something that really worked was Care ViraSoothe (available from Boots, supermarkets & pharmacies nationwide). I didn’t know about this when Aeryn had it but I used it for the other two and it was a God send. ViraSoothe breaks the itch, scratch, infection cycle by reducing the itching and allowing the skin to heal naturally.
  • Have Calpol at the ready as it is sometimes accompanied by high fever. Neurofen is not recommended.
  • There is no special diet but children can have a loss of appetite so give them what they like for a few days.
  • Try and ensure they don’t itch. The problem lies when a spot becomes infected. It can also leave scars if the crusts are picked at.
  • Chicken pox is not a disease that can be fatal on its own but it can be harmful to pregnant women and people with low immunity. Keep away from anyone pregnant or ill.
  • Have entertainment sorted at home – telly is best as using devices could cause a spread quicker.

The incubation period is normally  about 3 days before the spots appear and 5 days after.  You never know about the 3 days before as one may or may not show symptoms of fever, cold etc. Mine didn’t. But once a spot appears please keep the children off school for at least a week.

If it hits the household, it is most likely that all the children will have it. Even adults can have it if they have not had it when young.


Here’s a video by Dr Sarah Jarvis telling you more about how to cope with chicken pox –

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2 thoughts on “My Top Tips on Coping with Chicken Pox

  1. Thanks for this, so helpful.

    My son (5) was off school unwell on Friday and today he woke up covered in spots.

    Was wondering when/if my other two will get it. Sounds like its different for everyone but assuring reading stuff like this.

    Thanks for the gel tip, will be getting some tomorrow. Been using Eurax cream for the itch so far. Calamine is a nightmare!

    I’ve heard advice about bathing with oats/bicarb, but not so sure. My son’s eczema gets inflamed in the bath easily unless his skin is moisturised before and after so not sure it would work trying to dry out the pox.

    Had I figured all the meds we’ll get through it seems worth paying for the vaccine! Perhaps the immune system has a boost having it though….

    1. I’ve heard that the vaccine does not stop one getting chicken pox – just gives you a milder breakout.

      I bathed my little one in a little lavender oil bath water and that seemed to soothe. Besides she loved the scent.

      Virasoothe was perfect for my older two (I discovered it too late for my youngest). It helps to stop the itching so much.

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