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The idea of being a Mark Warner Mum or rather a family is one of our dreams. Every year, I put forward an entry together with a host of other bloggers, hoping to get chosen. This year, I hope it will be our year. We love to travel and we’ve done some pretty good travelling in the last year but we’re hoping we get to try something new this year.

This year Mark Warner has challenged us to make a mood board of travel must haves. Now, when packing a bag, I can think of a whole lot more than 10 must haves. But when actually going on holiday there is a whole lot more baggage you take along with you – the emotional kind.

So I decided to take it literally and create a MOOD board. The 10 moods or emotions that you must have (or will have) while on holiday. All these together constitute for the perfect holiday.


Travel Must Haves

Excitement – From the moment you decide to go on holiday, it’s exciting. Picking out the place and then getting bookings sorted etc. All very exciting. And of course, you need excitement all the while on holiday – excitement at boarding a plane or a car even, checking in to a hotel and so on.

Anticipation – the idea that something wonderful is about to happen. What could be better than going on holiday especially if it’s a place you have never visited. Not forgetting the anticipation of the next holiday at the end of this one.

Anger – when you miss the train or your flight is delayed or well, you’ve just had a fight with the Mr. about forgetting to pack night clothes. True Story.

Awe and Admiration – for all things beautiful – the scenery, the culture, the people.

Surprise – When you check in to the hotel and they tell you they have upgraded your room to the Super Deluxe with a jacuzzi.

Joy – At the sheer pleasure of being able to lounge around a pool and not do any washing up.

Patience and Resilience – waiting for almost everything – check in, airports, lining up for food, waiting for a bill, counting to 10 yet again when the child decides he needs the toilet for the nth time.

Fear and Dread – at trying something new – bungee jumping, trying out a new dish that looks very unappetising but is famous in that part of the world.

Sadness – when you have to leave your holiday destination.

Love – Last but not least, for being there for each other and enjoying spending days together as a family. Also to be read as endless hugs and cuddles in bed. And making loving memories.

What do you think? Do you take all these with you on holiday too? 

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