Top 10 Mother’s Day Picks from Netflix

Netflix Mother’s Day

We are addicted to Netflix and tune in everyday. The kids watch theirs and Hubs and I watch ours. With Mother’s Day being celebrated on Sunday 6th March, I thought I would share my personal favourites from Netflix that are great for watching with Mum (or as a Mum). I must warn you though – tissues at the ready!



Mona Lisa Smile

All about empowering girls this is a beautiful film that teaches girls that life is not just all about how well you marry. Progressive for the time it’s set in, it shows how one person can strongly influence change. Wonderfully portrayed by all actors, it is a movie that will set you thinking and deciding to make changes yourself.



Eat Pray Love

I’d love to live a life as carefree as this sometimes and travel to exotic places. Eat, Pray Love follows Julia Roberts spiritual journey into finding inner peace. The locations are stunning, the food sumptious and though the film feels a bit dis-jointed and unreal at times, it’s still one that you can watch and feel good about. (And plan your next travel destination)


Anywhere but Here 

It’s all about choices – making the right ones at the right time. Susan Sarandon’s portrayal of Adele makes her into a person we’d love to hate. Her daughter, Ann (Natalie Portman) is a complex character too and the film’s appeal lies in the way these two characters are played.


White Oleander 

An interesting film about how a mother can harm a child by her actions. Does her mother really love her or does she want her to become the embittered person she has become. She resents her daughter being happy in the various foster homes that she is shunted. The performances are heartfelt and real.



Still Alice 

Don’t miss this one. What can be worse than losing your memories? Julianne Moore plays the part to the hilt and her performance is moving and convincing. No wonder she won so many awards for this one. Well deserved.



Losing Isaiah 

Based on a true story, it’s a tear jerker. It’s difficult to make a choice about who’s in the right. Jessica Lange and Halle Berry play their parts amazingly well and the film does well to express the views of both sides.



First Wives Club 

They’re getting lighter. My suggestions, I mean.

Revenge is sweet especially when it’s directed towards a cheating husband. Hilarious and entertaining you’ve got to remember that if your husband is cheating and it involves a younger woman “you don’t get mad – you get everything”. Excellent acting by Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton.


Jersey Girl 

Had to slip in a bit of romance and this is one of my favourites. Affleck performance is easy going and the film is heart warming and easily enjoyed with the kids.


Fuller House

A family friendly series to watch all together. This one is funny and poignant and all about what families are about – caring for each other.


Grace and Frankie 2

Grace and Frankie

Emotional, witty, hilarious, honest – Need I say more?


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