Toot Toot Drivers Police Station from VTech – A Review

Whenever Aeryn would see the VTech Toot Toot Drivers advertisement on telly, she would draw my attention to it.


So it is no surprise that she went absolutely crazy when one arrived home for me to review. She enjoys playing with it and there are a few things that I really like about the toy that I thought I would share with you.

Bright Colours – The colours are bright and very attractive to children. It also helps to teach children colours.

Engaging – The toy is interactive and the child has to perform certain actions for the car to respond for e.g. turn the car on the roundabout or press the red button to lift the ramp. This is great for motor skills.


Design – The Toot Toot Drivers is very cleverly designed so that it does not bore a child. It ensures that a child can have many hours of fun with it as the parts can be changed around to form a new model. The best part is that one can buy different sets to add to what one has as all the sets in the range connect to each other. There are ‘Smart Points’ where if the the car is passed over, it says some clever phrases and sings songs.

Safety  – The toy is completely safe as the edges are rounded and there are no sharp edges or parts that can be swallowed.

Learning – The toy stimulates learning firstly about the police in general as it gives us phrases about what the police do. It also talks about safety. It is great for enhancing communication skills and teaching colours.

Versatility and Durability – Like all VTech toys, it is durable and can take rough play which is something that needs to be taken into account considering the target age group. It is versatile and has long lasting play value so it is also excellent value for money.


Challenges the child – It challenges the child to perform certain actions and to build the set up and change it around for more play scenes and it also promotes indpendent play as it does not require adult interaction.

The Toot Toot Drivers Police Station is priced at around £27.99 and I think it is superb value for money.

As mentioned you can add different sets to it as well as purchase cars to add seperately. There is also a new range called Toot Toot Animals which is just adorable and this is also compatible with the Toot Toot Drivers Sets. Why not build a Toot Toot world?

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Toot Toot Animals

Hope you enjoy the video which shows a little more about how one can play with the set –


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