Tonka Toys Review

Ethan is a huge fan of Tonka Toys and we’ve had quite a few of them in our home. We like them for their cool designs and their durability. We also love the huge range.

This time, we were sent some Tonka toys to review and Ethan was thrilled to add some to his collection. Here’s what we were sent-


Tonka Tinys blind garages

These are miniature versions of the Tonka vehicles and are really cute. They come in little garages that can be combined so you can have quite a few of them lined up together. They vehicles are quite small and are more like collectibles but they do have all the detail of the normal Tonka toys. Priced at £1.99 for a single blind bag, they are excellent pocket money toys. They also fit perfectly with Tonka Tinys Mini Playsets.

Three Pack Tonka Tinys

This had two vehicles that you can see and one in a blind garage so it was fun to open and find out which one we’d received. This is priced at £4.99


Tonka Diecast Big Rigs

This has so much attention to detail that it looks just like a real big rig. Priced at £6.99, there’s so much you can do with it.


Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks

The Tonka Monster Truck remains a firm favourite with it’s large wheels . This is a die cast model and is obviously so durable. Priced at £6.99, it’s a great little vehicle. Ethan wants to collect some more.


Tonka Tinys Mini Playset

There are several to collect but we received the Tune Up Garage and it’s quite a cute little set. Being small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any cool features because you can still use the lift and have the cars slide down the slide. Doors open and shut and there are some attachments that add to the appeal. Priced at £9.99, we think its great value for money.

We loved reviewing these Tonka Toys as they are so much fun and provide hours of play. Perfect on their own, or added to other sets, they are a great addition to play. They also encourage imaginative play and role play as they are so realistic. Besides, they are priced so competitively that they are easily affordable.

Tonka Toys are now on sale in selected ASDA stores.


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