Tonka Tinys Car Crush Escape Set and Tinys Blind Garage Review

I’ve written before about Tonka Tinys and how much fun we had playing with them. This time we were sent a playset to add to our collection.

We were sent the Car Crush Escape Playset and two Tinys Garage blind bags.

The Car Crush Playset includes a working crane and a car crusher. It also comes with a vehicle and some other bits that can be used to play at recycling the car parts.

Use the launcher to tip the car bits into the bins provided. You can use this to see who can accurately send the pieces into the bin and make it into a game.

Our set included a recycling vehicle too.

The set is brightly coloured and attractive to children. It is small and perfect for taking around on a holiday without stopping the fun.

We were also sent two Tonka Tinys blind bag garages.

Ethan was thrilled as one contained a police car. The other one was a tiny dump truck. Both come with a garage too.

Both are really cute and I personally love the miniature versions.

Ethan has been enjoying playing with the set and the vehicles. The playset is compatible with all the Tinys vehicles so it is perfect for adding to the collection. They are also connectable. The other playset is the Blast and Dash Quarry.

The blind bags can be purchased one at a time or you can also purchase the vehicles in a set of three which contain two of the vehicles shown on the packaging and a mystery vehicle.

The Tonka Tinys sets are priced at £9.99 and the blind bags are priced at £2.49

These sets are new for this year and there will be additions to the collections later in the year. This year also marks Tonka’s 70th Anniversary so be on the lookout for a larger playset this autumn.


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