Tonka Tinys 3 Pack and Blind Garage Review

We love playing with Tonka toys and have previously reviewed the Tonka Classic Dump truck and the Soft-Walkin’ Wheels Dump Truck from Funrise.

This time we were sent some miniatures to review and we were just as thrilled to be playing with them.

The Tonka Tinys 3 pack and the Tonka Tinys Blind Garage are the perfect toys for your Tonka fans.

They are the tiny versions of your favourite dump trucks. What could be better?

The 3 pack contains 2 vehicles that you can see and once surprise vehicle which makes it all the more interesting to children. There are over 20 vehicles to collect and they include dump trucks and even helicopters.

The blind garage contains one vehicle –


The vehicles are very cute. They are replicas of the big ones. The wheels move so you can move the vehicles. I liked that you can also move the different parts even though they are so tiny.

The 3 pack is new for this year and there are more product lines due for autumn so watch this space.

The Tonka Tinys 3 pack is priced at £5.99 and the Blind garage is priced at £2.99

I think that they are good value for money and make really good pocket money toys.

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