When I started blogging, I never thought I would dedicate a post to towels. But, then thinking of it, towels form a pretty important part of our lives.

From the moment the alarm goes off and we splash water on our faces to keep us awake to settling down at night in a warm, fluffy towelling robe with a book and hot chocolate – we’re towel dependent. And of course how could we forget the kitchen towel which makes we want to throw in the towel sometimes!

I don’t know about you but I like nothing better than stepping out of a hot bath into a luxurious towel. Personalised? Maybe!

TowelsRUs has an amazing range of towels for all your needs and I thought I would share my favourites with you. Favourite towels? Why ever not!

First up – The 8 piece Egyptian Cotton Towel bale including 2 2 large bath sheets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 face cloths and there is a range of colours to choose from. And they can be personalised. Perfect for not getting them mixed up.

Next up – these adorable bathrobes and dressing gowns for children. Mine are constantly in their gowns simply because they are so soft and snuggly.

These are a must have – you know how you come out of a shower and get ready to do your make up only to have to use one hand to keep your towel from slipping? How lucky then to be the proud owner of a sarong towel. Goodbye slip ups, hello make up! Cheesy – I know!


And yes, you also need a turban towel  –



I was really surprised to see the range of different towels there were but sitting back I don’t think I ever quite realised how significant towels are in our lives. Bath towel, face towel, gym towel, towelling robe, turban towel, kitchen towel – the list is endless. And honestly – you really need at least one of each!

A post about towels? Why ever not?

Let’s face it – you can’t really do without one.

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