To My Son – On Your 5th Birthday


My Darling Boy,

I can’t believe you turned 5 today. It seems like just the other day that I brought you home from the hospital.

I can’t believe you have started school and you must know that I miss you during the day.

I can’t believe how you have grown – not just physically but how you have developed into this lovely, caring child.

I love your quiet wit  and your gorgeous smile.

I love how you have taught me to play ‘boy-ey’ games (as you say) – action figures, Ben 10, Avengers, Transformers and how to mock fight. I was strictly more a ‘doll’ kind of person before you came along.

I love how you say ‘I Love you’ and don’t stop till I say it back.

I love how you are still that huggable, kissable boy that you were as a baby. I know that being a boy, it will all stop soon and so I take all the hugs and cuddles I can get.

I hope you have enjoyed your day and your visit to the Build-a-bear workshop.

I hope your Dad and I made you happy on your birthday – as happy as you made us the day you were born and every single day to date after that.

I love you from the earth to the sky and back again and all round the world and back again.

Mummy xx


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