To my little boy – as he starts school

My darling boy, as you start school

I’ll tell you what’s NOT considered ‘cool’ –

To fight, to kick, to hit and punch

When you’re out at play after lunch.

Don’t be a telltale, don’t be shy

Make sure you can look folks in the eye.

Do your best and do me proud,

So I can shout out very loud:

“Look over there, that’s my son

Not the one fighting, the other one

He does his best in work and play

And everyday he makes my day.”

Others may call people names that are rude

Don’t try to join them –  you won’t be a prude

Learn and play and enjoy school,

Always remember the Underwear rule!

I’m going to miss you when you’re away

But I’ll be there at the end of day,

To bring you home, to hear you say

What you did at lessons and play.

I love you loads, my little boy

You’ll always be my pride and joy.

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