To my daughter on her 2nd birthday

My Darling Baby Girl,

2 years ago on this day you were born.

I did not have the privilege of holding you and giving you your first feed because I was in Intensive Care.

I did not see you until 9 days later and you were such a sweet little baby with your slanting eyes. You nestled in my arms and settled down like you always belonged there and everything that had happened seemed to fade away. I knew then that you would be my strength.

In the past two years we have seen you learn to walk and talk. You love taking the lead.

You have the sweetest smile and the loudest voice.

You are independent and clingy at the same time.

I love your cheekiness and that mischievous light in your eyes.

I love hearing you tell the others to ‘Calm down’ and ‘Don’t worry’

Most of all, I love looking into your eyes just before you fall asleep.

Your sister and brother adore you.

The only thing that makes me sad is that you never got to know your Grandma but at least she had a chance to see you for a few weeks. I am sure that she is looking down on you and smiling with pride.

I look forward to the next year which will be filled with laughter and happiness in discovering new things, tantrums and tears and I am sure there will be many and also time spent alone with you when everyone else is away at school and work.

You are so much like your sister and yet so different.

You are YOU and we all love you for that.

Happy Birthday Darling Aeryn!

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