To Mom…



My Darling Mum,

It’s seems like only yesterday

And yet…It also feels like such a long time ago…2 years…

Yesterday – that I realised that I wouldn’t see you anymore;

A long time ago since I heard your voice.

Why you had to go – I can’t understand

When I see people older than you around me on the streets, I sometimes resent the fact that they are still living.

The good die young they say.

Does that mean I should have wished you were not good?

And yet I could have asked for no better mother for myself and my brother and sister

And no better grandmother for my children

I know you are watching over us but just to bring you up to date…

Jadyn is 9 – a big girl, still a bit spoiled and a drama queen. You would have enjoyed crafting with her, Singing with her and listening to all the little fall outs she has with her friends.

Ethan is 5, a baby at times and so grown up in the things he says at others. He is every bit as cuddly as he was and you would have loved to hug him. He is a great builder and builds some rather imaginative things.

Aeryn is 3 – you would have adored her. She does everything you loved in little girls – she dances, she’s cheeky and she is a right little diva.  I wish you had a chance to spend more time with her.

And they all have some little quirky trait of yours….that I love!


I miss you…

Too much…sometimes…

Though I feel your presence in my life so strongly.

I wish everyday that you were still with us.

Time heals they say…

But why does healing take so long?

Because it feels like yesterday

That you left…

And a long time ago that I held your hand.

Knowing you, you’d be upset to see me cry.

That’s why I think of all the good times and memories and I smile.

But sometimes it hard not to let the tears fall….the times I miss you most…

I love you and miss you every single day.

Not a day goes by when something doesn’t remind me of you…

and on the days when things don’t go right –

I feel your presence even more strongly.

We all miss you.

But I would like to think I miss you the most because you loved me the most

….because that’s the way you made each one of us feel…

Special and loved

Sending you lots of kisses xx

And all my love

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