Tips to reward your kids for good behaviour

Rewarding your kids for good behaviour can be a great way to reinforce positive actions. However, getting it wrong can hinder them. It can make them grow up to expect something for nothing, which is definitely not what you want. It can also mean they develop unhealthy relationships with food, if you use the wrong kind of reward. Here are some tips that will help you to reward your kids for good behaviour effectively:

Create a Star Chart

By creating a star chart, you come up with a consistent way to reward your kids for good behaviour. They earn so many stars, and they earn themselves a reward. This stops you from rewarding them whenever, which can be confusing and ultimately damaging for them. You want them to know that positive behaviour gets rewarded in the right way.

Have Your Kids Work Together

If you have more than one child, have your kids work together. For instance, you could have them share a star chart. They could even have a star chart each as well as one together. This will stop them from competing with one another, when they should be working together to achieve a positive end result.


Don’t Be Afraid to Take Stars Away

If your child behaves badly, don’t be afraid to take stars away. They need to know that their bad behaviour will not be tolerated. If they behave especially badly, you may need to have a punishing system in place to make things more consistent. Whatever you do, don’t threaten them with action and then fail to go through with it.


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Don’t Bribe Them

There’s a huge different between rewarding your children for good behaviour and bribing them. If you bribe them, they’ll learn that if they play up for you, you’ll offer them things they like to keep them quiet. The good behaviour should come first, and then the reward. You should never offer them treats for a quiet life, as it is damaging for them in the long run.


Have Compulsory Chores

You should praise your children for their good behaviour, but you don’t necessarily need to reward them for everything. Having compulsory chores is a good idea, or they may begin to expect rewards for nothing into adulthood. They will have a sense of entitlement as they grow up that will be hard to shift. Give them chores that are suitable to their age.


Use Quality Time as a Reward

Instead of giving physical gifts as a reward all the time, use quality time often. There are plenty of days out for kids you can go on that will show them their good behaviour is worthwhile. You shouldn’t really use food as a reward, as this can lead to an unhealthy obsession with it. Your children are not dogs, so don’t reward them with food!  

That’s pretty much all you need to know to reward your kids for good behaviour. If you are consistent, they’ll soon learn that listening to you takes them great places. Have fun!

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