Tips to Enhance your Eyes from Celebrity Make Up Artist Collette Casey

I was invited back in February to attend an event where I would have a make up session with Collette Casey. That never did work out as I could not attend as one the the children was unwell. It always happens, doesn’t it?

Acuvue has launched some beauty enhancing contact lenses and Collette had recently shared some tips with the public and Made in Chelsea stars at the Vision Express Flagship Store.

Acuvue Define does not change the colour of one’s eyes but enhances the colour of one’s iris to increase their natural beauty. They are available in two designs – Natural Shimmer for depth and Natural Sparkle for more luminosity.

I love the tips Collette has given and I am waiting to get some time on my hands to try them out. It’s been hectic so far!!

Here is the video, in case you want to try them out.

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