Tips on Managing the Work-Life Balance

I used to be a teacher. I worked from about 8 -3 and it was hectic. When I came home I had my children to think of or should I say child because I just had my eldest then. Of course, it did help that I had my parents to take care of her while I worked.

Nowadays I am a mum and a freelancer/blogger. Being a mum is a full time job and though blogging is part time, it seems to slowly be consuming my life so I very often find myself with two full time jobs. Which is impossible!

While the children are at school I try and complete as much as I can but there is the housework and cooking to see to as well.

It’s great being your own boss and most people think that it’s a breeze as you can work as you like. But there are still deadlines to meet and I often (read everyday) find myself staying up late to complete work. It also means that I work whenever there is a free moment and on the weekend when I am not out working at blog event or reviews. Well, not really. It has been known to happen in the past but I have now tried to get organized and balance life and work.

My primary role is being a mum so I have made it a rule that I don’t blog between 4 – 9 pm unless extremely urgent which thank goodness I’ve not encountered to date.

Here are my top tips to be a mum and freelancer –

  1. Have a schedule in place – it makes it easier to know which task you need to perform when and you have time put aside for yourself and family
  2. Cut some time out for yourself – you need the break and it will help you work more effeciently when you are back.
  3. Try and complete one task at a time.
  4. Set up a work place – you will get more work done and have more time to relax.
  5. Only take on how much you think will be realistic for you to complete.
  6. Dress for work  – working in pyjamas while being comfortable will not help in keeping you awake. You don’t have to deck up but I have found that dressing for the day helps me to be more efficient.
  7. Make time for family – children remain children only for so long. Take time to enjoy them, share in their growing up and be childlike yourself.
  8. Most of all – choose the type of work that you enjoy doing. Since you work for yourself, you have the privilege of choice.

Being a freelancer also means that I need to hunt for work. I was recently introduced to Hiive and I found it to be a really good platform for job opportunities and career resourses. You can check the latest job openings and browse competitions open to pursue your creative streak.

I enjoy being my own boss and managing my own time and I find that platforms like Hiive help me to achieve my career goals.

Disclaimer: Written in collaboration with Hiive




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